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About Us

We Are Intrachem

We aspire to be the best in the industry
Why Choose Us

Intrachem Private Limited (‘’Intrachem”) is a Zimbabwean registered company, operating since 1990. Our primary business is the supply of explosives, explosives accessories, and process chemicals for the mining, quarrying and manufacturing industries.

Intrachem offers quality products at competitive prices, and guarantees timely delivery; thanks to a wide branch network around Zimbabwe, and excellent logistics arrangements around the globe.

Intrachem sources quality products from world-renowned manufacturers within, and outside Africa. Some of Intrachem’s major partners are Sasol, Samsung International, AECE and FAMESA.

Intrachem is registered with key regulatory bodies in Zimbabwe, such as The Environmental Management Agency, Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, The National Social Security Authority, as a licensed supplier of explosives and chemicals. Preferential agreements with clearing agents and shipping companies are in place, and this results in smooth logistics.

Key Experience

  • Intrachem has been operating since 1990
  • Initially supplied explosives as an agent of BME over the period (1990-early 2014)
  • Initially as an agent of Du-Pont and Hebei for Sodium Cyanide, supply.
  • Currently supplying explosives as a Distributor for Sasol (since early 2014)
  • Supplying other Blasting Accessories as an agent of AECE and FAMESA
  • Intrachem has a wide branch network, with outlets conveniently set up in all key mining and administrative districts.
  • First, in opening a one-stop explosives supply facility, that services all sizes of mines; small, medium and large scale miners. The facility has been growing in leaps and bounds since 2009
  • Supplies the widest range of explosives, across several product classes.
  • Currently, the only explosives supplier who can still guarantee the supply of quality capped fuses and igniter cords in Africa
  • Qualified and experienced employees across all departments.
  • Intrachem has partnered with world-renowned manufacturers and has always consistently supplied the highest quality products.