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Explogel™ Cartridge Watergel Explosives


Explogel™ V4

A relatively low energy product designed specifically for stoping applications where a coarser and consistent fragmentation distribution is required (typically gold mining).

Explogel™ V6

A middle range energy watergel cartridge that may be used for general mining purposes. Explogel™ V6 is predominantly used for hard rock stoping applications where a higher gas volume is required for increased advance per blast.

Explogel™ V8

A high energy product designed for development, tunnelling or very tough stoping and bord & pillar conditions.

Explogel™ V10

A high energy product particularly suited to deeper hole applications in shaft sinking, surface and quarry mining. Explogel™ V10 is ideal when used in cold conditions where other packaged products may become problematic.

Explogel™ V12

A product with exceptionally high energy designed for extremely tough blasting conditions or any application where a very high powder factor is required. The energy of Explogel™ V12 is around 30% higher than cartridged emulsion explosives. Typically the product is used in shaft sinking and very tough development applications.


A very low energy product designed for smoothwall and perimeter blasting in underground tunnelling and civil engineering excavations. Explosmooth™’s energy is around 40% less than that of products typically used for hard rock stoping applications.