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SafeBlast™ centralised blasting system (CBS)


The SafeBlast™ Centralized Blasting System (CBS) in conjunction with the SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonator offers improved levels of safety and reliability for blasting operations in underground mines. Once all workers have been evacuated, blasting is carried out from a centralized computer, under strict control and supervision.

The system allows for all blasts within a mine to be synchronized from a dedicated computer on surface, usually the mine’s control room. The system consists of a host computer networking with a plurality of Network Slave Stations that facilitate the ultimate arming, priming and firing of SafeStartTM Instantaneous Electronic Detonators. On-board diagnostics, allows for easy fault finding while real time information allows for system and production monitoring. The primary system components include:
• The Centralized Computer running Mine Commander™.
• The Network Interface Unit (NIU).
• The Network Slave Station (NSS).
• The Panel Connector Unit (PCU).
• The SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonator.
The system may be installed over optical fiber or copper (Cu) cables, where standards and specifications for each are available on request.Additional sundry items like testers to check blasting cable integrity for the blasters and miners are also available; these contribute to making the overall system operation simple.