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SafeStart™ instantaneous electronic detonators


SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonators provide safe, precise, reliable, blast initiation in underground mining applications. They facilitate a safe, fast and simple hook-up, for initiation of a charged panel via the main shock tube trunk line.
The SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonator is a modern ultra-safe functional replacement for the conventional Initiation / starter detonator, commonly used in mining. SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonators consist of four main components:
• Leg wires that transmit the fire signal to the detonator fuse via the PCB module. The standard length is 0.5m.
• The PCB module inside the detonator provides resistance against accidental initiation caused by stray currents, electrostatic discharge, electro-magnetic interference and general over voltages. SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonators can only be fired by the SafeBlast™ Centralized Blasting System (CBS) or hand held SafeStart™ Initiators (SI-1), designed for the purpose.
• A Block used to attach the shock tube trunk line to the SafeStart™ detonator. The SafeStart™ Instantaneous Electronic Detonator connector block will reliably initiate 1 shock tube in both directions if connected properly.
• A precise electronic out-hole detonator. This detonator will initiate all standard shock tube products.